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    can help to check and solve my issue. The portfolio page not appearing any portfolio post as in the demo.


    and got this fatal error if i want to view any of portfolio post from admin page:

    Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home2/smiledesign/public_html/ridesignprint.com/wp-content/themes/daisho/single-portfolio.php on line 38

    If i give you the admin & ftp access can help to solve the problem?


    IKON Support

    single-portfolio.php doesn’t contain any errors.

    We would recommend this:

    1. Download the current theme ZIP package and re-upload the theme files to your server (especially single-portfolio.php).
    2. If that won’t help download the current development version of the theme and do the same.
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    Thank for the reply.

    Do you mean i have to download the theme file again from envato? have you make any updates if not will be the same file.

    Can you just help to fix the problem by fixing the code in the single-portfolio.php file?


    IKON Support

    Here’s what we can tell you based on the information you provided:

    1. single-portfolio.php file contains correct code. It’s used by thousands of people and if there was some issue there you’d be seeing it reported here already.
    2. To further confirm this there exists a working demo website with the same files.
    3. It’s possible that you’re running a PHP version older than 5.6. We recommend that you update to the newest stable PHP 7.x version. If you’re running PHP 5.4 or 5.5 then many themes and plugins and some features of WordPress itself won’t work.
    4. The current development version contains fixes to some issues so it’s a good idea to use that one.
    5. Please deactivate all plugins before doing any tests.
    6. If you believe that single-portfolio.php contains any errors you can paste its code to some code sharing website like https://jsfiddle.net/ and we’ll compare it to the original file’s code.


    noted that. will try the development version. my PHP version it is still ver.5.4



    hi there…

    I have re-install the theme using your development file and it all works, even i haven’t upgrade the php version.

    cheers… =P

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