Portfolio page content won’t load

#212 Portfolio page content won’t load

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    Hoping you can help.

    I’m using the following: Daisho Theme v3.1. / WP v4.93.8

    I’m almost finished with my website and, suddenly, the portfolio page content won’t load, including the welcome text, portfolio categories and thumbnail grid. Only the header/nav and the footer loads. The rest of my pages and their content load fine.

    I created the portfolio page from the Daisho demo and just amended the portfolio material. From what I can see, the page in backend looks fine and appears to still be using the portfolio template.

    I’ve disabled any recently installed plug-ins, cleared the cache to no avail.

    Any suggestions?


    IKON Support

    It would be best if you upgraded to Daisho 4.0 as the first step: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php

    We will upload version 4.0 to ThemeForest soon. Since it’s a major release we’re giving early adopters some time to test it.



    Thanks for your quick response.

    A few questions after reading the changelog…

    I’ve used quite a bit of shortcode in customizing the HTML and CSS on each page. How will this be affected?

    Also, will I have to re-build all the portfolio items?

    Can you give a clue if there are any other labor-intensive actions in switching over to 4.x?



    Hi, can you please get back to me on this? I’m under pressure to get this first release of the website online.

    For now, is there a fix within v3.1 so that my portfolio grid will show up?

    Then, after it’s online, I can start working with v4.0


    IKON Support

    Please provide your URL.

    If there is any error when you hit F12 and go to the “Console” then that may be the reason why it’s not working.

    It has opacity set to 0 by default and JavaScript is increasing it to 1 on page load.

    Version 3.1 should work just fine.

    Yes, version 4.0 removes all shortcodes and introduces support for Gutenberg editor. It took us about 1 hour to update the demo website but we have few blog posts, few pages and few projects. (Your old posts, pages and projects should be working after upgrading to v4.0 except for pages that use shortcodes.)




    Here’s the URL: https://www.emvision.nl

    If you’ve had a look, I’ll put it back in “coming soon” mode.


    IKON Support

    You have a JavaScript error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addEventListener' of null.

    To fix this it’s necessary to correct this place:

    <script type="text/javascript">

    It must not have the HTML comment and the incomplete line should be removed.



    Hmmm. I’ve deleted that custom script completely (it applies to a different page), but the portfolio grid is still not loading. Any other ideas?


    IKON Support

    There is no content on that page. But there is something that says “AddThis Advanced Settings generic via filter on the_content”.

    We recommend deactivating all plugins and checking if it works.

    Pages → Portfolio must be set to to the portfolio template in v3.1. In v4.0 everything is a block.



    Thanks for bearing with me on my first WP website 🙂

    The Portfolio page appears to be using the portfolio template — it’s showing all the custom fields for portfolio. In page settings/layout, however, nothing is selected. (which presumably points to the default page). I am only able to select: right sidebar, left sidebar, no boundaries. Where can I select portfolio page template?



    I just deactivated the “Add this” plugins (social media icons). Unfortunately, I’m getting the same result.


    IKON Support

    You can select the page template in Pages → (any page) in the right sidebar.

    We’ve updated the demo website from Daisho 3.1 to 4.0 about 2 weeks ago so definitely v3.1 must be still working.

    Please test it with all plugins deactivated.

    If you have only bare WordPress and the theme then it should be working.



    I’ve gone through all the steps above, to no avail.
    Also have tried out v4.0, but got several errors * so reverted back to 3.1.

    I believe the problem is a bug in v3.1. Repeatable 100% of the time!

    1. Open demo portfolio page.
    2. Change description in Page settings/Description
    3. Publish (or save Draft).
    4. Result: when viewing page, all body content is deleted from page, except for the header and footer.

    Could you possibly fix this in the short term? 

    I’ve been messing with this for 2 days now and really need to move on with it. I hope you understand that I’m not loving the idea of working with v4 since it has not yet been officially released.

    By the way, the ability to select the page template is just not available in v3.1. It’s simply not there in the right sidebar.

    • Errors:

    Warning: array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /home/emvision/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ikon-importer/ikon-importer.php on line 106

    Warning: Constants may only evaluate to scalar values in /home/emvision/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ikon-importer/ikon-importer.php on line 20


    IKON Support

    Version 3.1 has template-portfolio.php file which must be present in the “page templates” selector as long as that file exists.

    Versions 3.x are deprecated but they are fully working and we were still using them just 2 weeks ago.

    Please update to v4.0, it’s going to be released shortly, it’s fully usable and the reason it’s not released yet is because we’re still testing it and eliminating final issues.

    The fix to the above two errors was just submitted to the repository.



    Thanks. I’ll have a look.




    v4.0 is installed. The grid content is now showing up for my portfolio page, but the portfolio pages are missing the image and video content (which was quite a bit). Do I have to recreate these pages? I have about 25 pages, each with a lot of image and video content.

    If I need to recreate these pages, I would sincerely like to stick with v3.1 until the release of the website. After
    the official realease of v4, I can migrate it.

    Today a number of files were updated and uploaded to the repository v4 in response to a bug fix. Can I just use these files in v3.1?:
    layerslider plugin update

    Furthermore, I don’t see the metadata that appeared at the top of every portfolio page (which was shortcode), which is also more work.

    Very frustrated and under a deadline at the at the moment!



    IKON Support

    Definitely mixing v3.1 and v4.0 files won’t work as v4.0 should be seen more like a theme rewrite than an update.

    You can read more about this update here: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/changelog.html

    We migrated all shortcodes, page templates and custom fields to Gutenberg and blocks. This was a big update with about 90% of all files modified.

    While at this we also upgraded the theme to the newest Envato requirements (we separated the demo importer and the portfolio post type to plugins etc.).

    Project meta data is a block now. It will appear above the title even if you insert it below the title. (This is temporary until Gutenberg supports “site sections” and allows inserting the content above the title.)

    We didn’t have to update images and videos on the demo website. Anything that uses any shortcodes will have to be updated.

    We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing difficulties. Due to the vast number of changes we don’t offer any automated transition path for this update. We were forced to make this update to make the theme compatible with the upcoming changes in WordPress.

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